Medical Billing Data Entry Services

Data Entry India possess an enormous experience in offering online medical billing solutions and medical coding data entry for sanatoriums, clinics, hospitals, medical billing companies, physicians and complete medical industries. US Data Provider are catering our online billing services to a list of business houses of India, UK, US and almost all over the globe.

US Data Provider are one of the leading company providing medical billing charge entry and a host of other medical billing and coding services to global clients. US Data Provider understand the importance of carrying out accurate charge entry services and also know how errors in this can affect the cash flow adversely. Our team ensures that US Data Provider deliver error-free services, which help clients to get their payments in a timely manner.

Medical Billing Data Entry Services

Some of the key services we offer include –

Entering the Billing Information

This is one of the most important steps in the charge processing methodology. Our trained team of medical billing experts can carefully enter all the vital patient details into the medical billing software. US Data Provider also ensure that all the information keyed in is accurate and verified.

Assigning Charges

US Data Provider first create a new patient account, if it does not exist and then start the medical billing charge entry process. We then enter the details from the coded documents sent by the healthcare organization into the patient’s account. This service needs maximum attention and patience and our team is well-trained to pay attention to even the smallest of the billing details.

Patient Demographics Entry

US Data Provider also have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to accurately enter the key patient demographics and insurance information into the medical billing system and efficiently maintain all the insurance information of each patient.

Billing Data Quality Check

US Data Provider have a multi-level quality assurance team, which checks for the charge entry quality at different levels. This ensures that all the charges are correctly entered into the billing system before sending it across to the insurance agency.

Charges Submission

After all the charges are entered and several quality checks are done, US Data Provider submit the final medical claim to the insurance payer. Our CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS expertise ensures that the client will receive maximum reimbursement with the help of correctly coded claims.

Why to Choose us?

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Data Entry Requirements to us

  • Patient care can be expedited
  • With more time available, a higher quality of care can be administered for patients
  • Management of records becomes more efficient and is compliant with the stipulations of the law
  • Valuable time is saved by removing the monotonous task of processing and retrieving physical records
  • Enhanced security measures can be put in place for the documents
  • Documents require less space to be stored
  • Digital records can be easily accessed and viewed by specialists

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